First impressions of Romain and Loïs – Transat Jacques Vabre 2023

22 November 2023

Discover below first impressions of Romain and Loïs after crossing the finish line of the Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre in Fort-de-France !

17th of the Transat Jacques Vabre

21 November 2023

It’s done! Romain and Loïs crossed the finish line of the Transat Jacques Vabre at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, November 21. They completed the 3,565 nautical mile course from Le Havre to Fort-de-France in 14 days 7 hours 15 minutes and 15 seconds, taking 17th place. Now it’s time for a few days’ rest before […]

Last miles

It’s time for the last few miles of the Transat Jacques Vabre for the Fortinet – Best Western duo, the last strategic moves and the last efforts to be made to cross the finish line with the satisfaction of giving it their all. Romain and Loïs are expected to arrive in Fort-de-France around 2pm French […]

Message from board

19 November 2023

 Good morning to all,  Disastrous night and morning aboard Fortinet – Best Western. We had one keel, engine and autopilot problem after another. Loïs spent 5 hours at the helm while I ran around testing every system to get the pilot going again. Just when we were losing hope, we finally found the fault. And […]

Race update

18 November 2023

Hello everyone,  A quick message from onboard Fortinet – Best Western, where everything’s going well. We’re still downwind, making good headway even if it’s not always easy, with the wind shifting from 14 to 20 knots. For the past few days, we’ve been struggling to keep up with Prysmian and Guyot Environnement, who fly more […]

Happy birthday Loïs!

1993-2023 🥳 On October 30, 2023, the day after the initial departure, Loïs Berrehar should have celebrated his 30th birthday 🎂 aboard Fortinet – Best Western. But Eole decided otherwise. But Romain and the Fortinet Best Western team were determined to mark the occasion 🎁. 30 years: as old as the Transat Jacques Vabre 😉!

Two in one!

15 November 2023

 Do you know the “bricodouche”🚿🛠️? Loïs does it in the trade winds. It’s an invaluable time-saver! Although a bit dangerous if you confuse leatherman 🔪with soap 🧼😉


14 November 2023

A little taste of regattas in Quiberon Bay for the Fortinet-Best Western duo, who are sailing in contact with Benjamin Dutreux and Corentin Horeau, the Guyot Environnement duo.