Force destiny to live your dream

Photo credit : Jean-Marie Liot

Two years ago, I was at the microphone of @TipandShaft @IntotheWind to tell my journey to come to embrace a career-passion today, that of an offshore racer preparing for his 3rd Vendée Globe, while my childhood far of the ocean absolutely did not predestine me to it.

Link of the episode :

Force destiny, go to your passion at all costs, seize every opportunity, work hard, believe in your lucky star.

As I often say, I don’t pretend to think I’m extraordinary. On the contrary, I am an ordinary person, and this career is demanding, it requires endurance, there are difficult times! But I know everything I gave to live from my passion, and I know that with tenacity, commitment and hard work, we overcome all obstacles and the game is so worth the effort!

And you, what are your dreams? What have you put in place to make them reality?