Sport is a superb tool for creating links in the entrepreneurial world. During navigations or meetings with my partners, we have often made the parallel between the life of business leaders or their collaborators and my sporting challenges. The values ​​of sport and offshore racing in particular are transposed so well in the business world because they are universal. As ambassador of PLAY International and through my experience, I want to show young people and their educators that the values ​​of sport are also wonderful educational supports and precious tools in life.

Each month, I will highlight a value that is close to my heart. The first value: to learn while having fun. 

The life of a sailor isn’t always fun! There are many difficult moments or obstacles that stand in my way. Fortunately, the pleasure part is bigger than these obstacles. That’s why, I’ve completed two Vendée Globe and dream to finish another one. Having fun in what you do is essential to improve your talent and facilitates the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Not sure that I would have learned to do stitches if it had not been mandatory to participate in the Vendée Globe. Pleasure is a great motivation for learning new knowledge, surpassing oneself, for moving mountains in order to achieve a goal that originally seemed very high to us. When the whole team works in a good mood, everything becomes easier and simpler.

 “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”, this quote from Confucius sums up these few words.

To Illustrate, Play International has designed and developed Playdagogy, which uses sports games as an educational supports to transmit prevention and awareness messages to children between 6 and 15 years old. I invite you to discover this method on www.play-international.org.