Meet the team: Laure Lunven

Laure Lunven, the project’s press officer, and a key figure in the world of sailing. Imagine, she was roommates with François Gabart… before he became François Gabart!

She literally knows everyone in the business. And with good reason: Laure has been sailing since she was 8 years old, starting out in an optimist, then a 420, before switching to liveaboard sailing when she was 18.

She took some time out to study biochemistry, but couldn’t stay away for very long…. Turning 90, she became a press attaché and communications manager in ocean racing. For 10 years now, she’s been plying the starting villages, press conferences and pontoons of ocean racing.

We’re lucky to have her on board, not only because she knows the ins and outs of the world of ocean racing, but also because she always comes up with good communication ideas, adding her own personal touch of humor.