Message from onboard

« Conditions have changed a lot since the first night, which was difficult. Now we’re at the end of the 3rd night. The coolest night we’ve had. There’s 10 knots of wind, and the boat’s moving along nicely. It’s better on board ! Yesterday was much quieter too. We haven’t started the repairs yet. We’ll do them when we’re really in the calms, because we need to lower the mainsail.

We’ve eaten, slept and taken off our boots. We’ve just spent the first few hours in the bunks without our watch jackets and boots.
That’s a sign!

The wind is calming down nicely and the sea is flatter, so the boat isn’t banging at all. Loïs berrehar is sleeping and I’m finishing my watch. We ate our first freeze-dried meal last night. We’d eaten nothing except scraps since the start. »