I’m delighted to announce that Sandra Pellen is returning to the Sixième Océan partner club!

A self-employed lawyer, Sandra has been with me since my first Vendée Globe in 2016. Last year, Sandra underwent surgery for a herniated disc, which put her commitment to the IMOCA FortinetBest Western project on hold.

However, I can tell you that Sandra is back in great shape and, according to her own words, she can sail again! She has therefore decided to renew her commitment to the project ahead of the Vendée Globe!

Sandra: “Romain and I have a long history, I was among the first to join him on this adventure in 2016, even though I didn’t know much about ocean racing. To tell you the truth, I confused the Whitbread with the Vendée Globe, which made Laurent DEFRANCE laugh out loud, as he got me involved in this great story. Romain and I hit it off right away, we’re the same age and we’re both entrepreneurs. I found his career path brilliant, and you want to support him because he really had to fight to realize his passion. He’s someone who made it on his own, through sheer strength of character. As an anecdote, the pupils at my children’s school supported him in 2016, and the first graders learned to read thanks to Romain Attanasio, who was sailing around the world. Supporting his project conveys an image of authenticity and courage. In 2020, many of the firm’s clients wrote to me after the Vendée Globe to say how much they had enjoyed following Romain, and how the race had been a breath of fresh air in a period of confinement.