The 48 hours of the Défi Azimut aboard Fortinet – Best Western

🔢 9th place ⌛️ 2d 04h 01min 56s, ⏱️ speed: 12.75 knots

Romain: “Our first objective was to finish 1st in our generation of boat and in the top 10, so 9th is perfect! From the start, I said that Lois would do the strategy and he did a very good track. In 48 hours a lot of little things happened including the passage of waypoint 3 at night before going upwind. It was quite violent, we were jumping the waves! It was very nice to show the boat to Loïs, especially the speed potential of these boats. »

Loïs: “I discovered the boat with great pleasure, with great sensations. Romain knows perfectly his boat and I sailed in a complete confidence. Double-digit speeds all the time compared to the Figaro, it’s very pleasant! »

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