Winter refit, the end!

With just a few days to go before the launch, I wanted to highlight the incredible work carried out by my entire team to repair, make reliable, polish and pamper my boat

Behind a winter boatyard lie many hours of work, in the dust or contorted in funny positions, countless screws, plugged and unplugged cables, pots of paint, sweat, puzzles, a few surprises but also a lot of laughter.

I’m very lucky to have a team in whom I have complete confidence. Despite what promises to be a demanding year for the boat, with two transatlantic races and a round-the-world race, I’m going into it with my eyes closed, knowing that I’m at the helm of the best possible machine: fast, reliable and robust.

So thanks to Adrien, Valentin, Cantin, Romain, Evan, Claire, Carla, Laure and Laurie!