In honor of World NGO Day, I wanted to share with you my pride in being an ambassador for Play International, an NGO specializing in educating young people in vulnerable situations through sport. The organization works in particular on issues such as access maintenance of sport at school, equalitý girls-boys, health prevention, environmental education, living together, changing the way people look at disability…

The aim of this partnership is to pass on my experience and passion to young people. I want to share with them the message that has kept me going all these years: always believing in your dreams and never giving up on a project that’s close to your heart. Even if it’s not easy every day and you have to fight to keep going.

I also want to share the values conveyed by sport, and ocean racing in particular, such as solidarity, tenacity, respect and team spirit, with younger people and their teachers. Values that are just as important in everyday life.

Once again this year, the IMOCA FortinetBest Western will carry Play International colors, and I’ll be taking them with me on my round-the-world race!