End of our 3 days of partner relations in Genoa! After a very pleasant first day dedicated to Fortinet employees from all over Italy, our team was happy to welcome Fortinet customers and partners. It is always very inspiring for us to discuss all the parallels between ocean racing and corporate life! Although it is not yet finished, I would like to thank Denis and Amanda in collaboration with Claire and Charlotte for the excellent logistical organization of this Tour. The sequel in pictures!

Arcosoon Production

Genoa: 3 days dedicated to Fortinet employees, customers and partners from all over Italy

Day 1: The Fortinet Employee Day

We had a great time on board for this first Genoese day: visits to the boat and navigation with a breathtaking view of Genoa, the largest port in the country. We would like to extend a very special thank you to all the Fortinet employees we have met so far on this Tour of Europe.

Days 2 and 3: Fortinet customer and partner days

“Why are you sailing alone? What are you most afraid of? Wind, rain, waves, constantly changing, why is it important to adapt? How do you prepare? »

The last two days have been an opportunity to alternate between discussion and browsing with Italian Fortinet customers and partners. Thanks to them !